Reinhard Kuchenmüller

200-kuchenmueller-rino-Live-VisualisierungVisual Facilitator, Process Architect, Visual Coach and Map Maker

I love the challenge to dive into group processes without a safety net, only equipped with paper and pens. Listening, caring, emerging with spontaneous images which are mirroring process and content.

For many years, when I worked as an architect and consultant, people were more important to me than beautiful stones. In 1992 I came across the book „Problem Seeking“ of architects from Houston, Texas who captured the ideas and wishes of their clients with little sketches.

I was enthralled and started to experiment. The idea was fixed in my mind and lead to the founding of my own Visualization company VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE® in 1998.

For many years now, I have been experiencing people rediscovering themselves in my pictures, being able to deal with situations more easily, communicating better, smiling, getting involved: in change processes of companies and groups, in decision-making situations of individuals and groups, professionally and private. That makes me glad!

Dr. Marianne Stifel

200-stifel-Live-VisualisierungVisual Facilitator, Workshop Leader and Visual Coach

I am interested in people – in their wishes, in their troubles and their potential. To grasp the person as a whole was the inner force during my twenty years of experience as a general medical practitioner and psychotherapist.

Art therapy was my link to the huge field of visualization. Training courses in systemic and team development were the steps that led to the partnership in VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE®. I discovered my medium in which I could speak to people using images, motivate them and communicate with them. Perceive, feel, look at, absorb, reflect, relate to, connect with, communicate …

Each time, it is a new challenge to listen carefully, not to judge, to trust my intuition, muster up courage to transfer inner images to paper.

Each time it is a new joy for me to bring a piece of heart and soul into events and encounters, besides the beautiful colours. And that makes sense!