Iris Franzen, Moderatorin:
„The best way of a protocoll I ever experienced!“


Greek gentleman:
“ Thank you for your pictures! They gave us a new perspective! Now we can go home and say ‘We are richer’!”

Another Greek gentleman:
“Your pictures have humour, but they are also serious!”

Danish lady:
“Are you the artist? Thank you so much! You met right into the center of things! We have to get these pictures!”

French lady:
“In the name of the French delegation I want to thank you! You touched the heart of everything – we want to get all of these pictures! In French there you would say: ‘You are so subtil’!”

Danish lady:
“Compliments! You always understood what everything was about, sometimes more than the facilitators. If I said something in Danish and it got translated into English, I didn’t recognize my words, but you had got it! Always on the point!”

French gentleman:
“There is much more reality in the pictures than in the words!”

French lady:
“This morning you found the spots, the good and the weak ones! We want a picture book with all the images!”


Steve Denning, former World Bank Director:
“I have been working with some of your American colleagues with their large murals. But now I tell you: You are the world best visual facilitator!”


Laura O’Connor, The World Bank:
” Thank you very much for your artwork and we look forward to working with you in the future.”


Gary Austin, Global Chair of IAF, Facilitator, GB:
“I have had the privelege of seeing Reinhard at work on a couple of occassions and have been impressed and amazed with both the visuals that he creates for sessions and workshops and the detail, content and emotion he manages to capture. I would recommend him as a visual practitioner of the higest order.”