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Experience the power of INNER and OUTER IMAGES for your professional or personal pathway. Visit our VISUAL STUDIO in Tuscany, where you learn and experience the work with resonance- and dialog-pictures in small groups.


resonanzbilder-TrompeterVisual Accompaniment of 'Innovation Dream' Electro Mobility 2014

The 'Innovation Dream' Electro Mobility 2014 is an event of the German Ministery of Economics. Thereby important technological lighthouses and shop windows get interlinked. The three women team of VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE, Marianne Stifel, Barbara Yelin and Ludmilla Bartscht accompanied the ten professional panels and more than twenty theme workshops visually. Here are some examples from 250 developed images.


resonanzbilder-TrompeterVisual Facilitation in Egyptana-Live-Visualisierung

The regionally laid out media campaign “Ana Hunna” is part of the GIZ-supported regional program Economic Integration of Women in the MENA region (EconoWin) . It was realized in the four MENA countries Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco. Marianne Stifel was engaged as a visual facilitator together with the egyptian verbal facilitator Mahmoud at the final regional ANA HUNNA conference in June 2014 .

She opened the Conference with the Ana Hunna tree, where the participants put in their symbols, which they brought from their countries as a contribution to the conference.


Selection of simultaneous  pictures:

At the end of the conference the Ana Hunna tree carried all feedbacks like fruits:



resonanzbilder-TrompeterVisual Facilitaiton: Big Picture for the BearingPoint® Partner Meeting in Berlin

We put all our dialog pictures on a BIG PICTURE which we drew the evening before.



VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE Bearing Point ganze Wand



resonanzbilder-TrompeterVISUELLE PROTOKOLLE(R) facilitated as visual facilitators the process of the international IT-conference ICT4S at Zuerich

“Thank you for a wonderful job!” wrote Lorenz Hilty, inviting Professor of Informatics at the University of Zürich.”The participants were astonished that an academic conference gets visualized. They were fascinated by the power of the images.”

The conference ICT4S (Informations- and C0mmunications Technology for Sustainability) stood under the motto “The Callenge of Making It Real”.

More than 250 experts from all over the world were discussing the challenges.VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE® facilitated as visual facilitators the process and made the conference sustainable with more than 250 images and several slideshows.

THE WORLD RESOURCES FORUM writes: “The artists Reinhard Kuchenmüller and Dr. Marianne Stifel made stunning drawings, illustrating the main themes of the workshop in an artistic way!”








Slideshow of the Dialog Pictures as summary oft the day

 VIUSAL FACILITATION Dr. Mariane Stifel, Kuchenmüller

Also we are happy about an important and successful event!