Visual Facilitation TreeVISUAL-TREE-visualisierung

All our methods we developed from wishes and proposals of customers.

60-Apfel„Mother“ of all methods is the simultaneous live-visualization, which we used for any number of conferences and workshops, often also multilingual ones, as VISUAL RECORDER or VISUAL FACILITATOR.

60-ApfelIf the LIVE IMAGES are used for interactive work, we speak of DIALOG PICTURES. These suit also for employee surveys of a bigger extent, to gain an EMOTIONAL ORGANIGRAM.

Before an event we create a VISUAL GUIDANCE from central messages, then the speaker can improvise. Picture sequences get developed to VISUAL STORIES.

60-ApfelIn a MODERATED PAINTING ACTION we activate and motivate employees obtaining visual answers with great success. PAINTING ACTIONS as a tool for team building we shape as STORY PAINTING, the visual sister of story telling.

60-ApfelWe depict corporate processes as CORPOATE STORY, also in the form of SEA- and ROAD MAPS. These can be used as a base for interactive GAME BOARDS, which sometimes get utilized for months.

60-ApfelCOMPANY FILMS drawn by hand are a didactical medium for large groups.

60-ApfelAnd when individuals and groups want to use the power of INNER AND OUTER IMAGES for their own personal and professional path- way, they come to our VISUAL WORKSHOPS in Tuscany! VISUAL ISLANDS(R)

And if you challenge us with your specific objectives, we are eager to develop a wholly suitable method together with you.